Januar 2018

Food Extrusion: Protein Texturization Workshop in Duisburg

This practice-focused workshop brought participants from different disciplines together in the new Food Applications Laboratory at Brabender’s corporate headquarters in Duisburg.

What do I basically need to bear in mind when extruding food products? Which product is ideally suited to protein texturization? What impact do screw design and nozzle details have on the extrusion process?

On February 6 and 7 a two-day workshop on the subject of “Protein Texturization in Food Extrusion” in the new Food Applications Laboratory in Duisburg provided theoretical and practical answers to the many questions posed by the eight participants from Germany, Singapore, Croatia and Norway. The program kicked off with a theory section including an introduction to food extrusion. The relationship between extruder spec, process conditions and product characteristics of texturized vegetable proteins (TVP) was also discussed.

Protein texturization live

During the second part of the workshop the participants from the R&D, industry and science disciplines were able to conduct practical, laboratory-scale tests for both kinds of texturization using a Brabender KETSE 20/40 Lab-Compounder.

  • - Dry texturization: an expanded product in the form of thin flakes was demonstrated in conjunction with the Brabender round nozzle head and cutter.
  • - Wet texturization: the second test demonstrated high-moisture extrusion of vegetable proteins with meat-like textures to produce larger portions of product using Brabender’s modular cooling die.

Various soya mixtures with differing protein and dietary fiber content were used to produce a meat-substitute end product.

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