Januar 2018

Focus on Brabender’s 3-phase system at IBEX in Teheran

In November Brabender used the IBEX Iran bakery products trade fair in Teheran as an opportunity to raise awareness of the company and its offering.

Since the easing of economic sanctions, Iran’s emerging economy has become even more important for Brabender as it attempts to raise awareness of the company and its offering in the Middle East. 

The 11th edition of IBEX Iran was staged in the capital Tehran from November 23 to 26, 2017. Mrs Soheila Ahmadi from Brabender’s Iranian distributor Pak-Fan  looked after the Brabender booth at the Middle East’s leading bakery products industry trade fair.

The following devices were exhibited at the booth:

  • The 3-Phase-System
    consists of a Farinograph, Extensograph and Amylograph. These three devices, which are standard equipment in the global milling and bakery products industry, deliver comprehensive information about the quality of flour both as individual devices and in combination as a 3-phase system. 
  • Farinograph
    measures the ability of flour to absorb water and provides information about the kneading properties of dough. 
  • Extensograph-E
    measures the stretch resistance and elasticity of dough. This method determines the rheological optimum to achieve best baking results. 
  • Amylograph-E 
    provides a reliable and reproducible picture of enzyme activity (α-amylases) in flours and whole grains.

The Farinograph-TS with automatic titration curve and the Extensograph-E in particular appealed to IBEX visitors.

Quadrumat Junior
this laboratory mill creates flours for laboratory use in a multi-stage process. These flours come close to meeting real-world conditions and are virtually identical to commercially produced flours. The grist (wheat, spelt, rye, barley and rice) is then separated into flour and bran using a sifter. Both are collected in two separate drawers and can be easily removed.

this device measures the gluten quality of whole grain, flour, vital gluten and baking mixtures. The GlutoPeak delivers a “rheological fingerprint” of any flour analyzed in just a few minutes using low sample quantities. The readings provide information about suitability for various applications.

The Brabender booth at IBEX Iran was very busy and a number of contracts were signed.



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