Januar 2018

GlutoPeak and MetaBridge Workshop for the benefit of Nigerian millers

The Nigeria workshop conducted in January focused on MetaBridge, MetaBridge Controller and GlutoPeak.

Nigerian flour mills are some of the world’s largest of their kind. The need for time-efficient quality tests and rapid quality lab communication is therefore correspondingly great. In the light of this, Brabender staged three compact, practically relevant workshops for Nigerian millers on January 24, 2018 together with its agent Zaika Foods Ltd. (ZFL Services).

Zaika Foods-owned First Blends Ltd., a leading manufacturer and supplier of functional ingredients to the cereal food industry in West Africa, provided facilities at its international baking academy for the workshop. The agenda focused on the function and benefits of the GlutoPeak as well as on the web-based MetaBridge software program and its MetaBridge Controller (MBC) upgrade kit. 

In the spotlight: MetaBridge Controller

The workshop focused in particular on the MetaBridge Controller, which now provides a MetaBridge upgrade for the GlutoPeak as well as for other newer-generation Brabender devices. This integrated control solution enables up to four devices to be interlinked and operated at the same time. The Controller however is far more than just an interactive interface:

MetaBridge Controller

  • - links devices, readings and users.
  • - provides multiple users with simultaneous, location- and platform-independent access to the software.
  • - works on a “plug-and-play” basis without prior connection, a USB interface is all that’s needed.
  • - optimizes lab processes at lowest cost.

The MBC therefore delivers lab work/results compatibility and cross-laboratory visibility – be it on a PC, tablet or smartphone, in the lab, in a home office or on a business trip. This new application makes the “laboratory of the future” a reality. At the same time the update kit is a simple, cost-effective way of intelligently supplementing the purchase of a new MetaBridge-capable Brabender device.

Further information:
Upgrade kit MetaBridge Controller



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