Januar 2018

GlutoPeak workshop captures the imagination of Iranian users

The Brabender GlutoPeak was the center of attention at a workshop that took place at the German-Iranian Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Teheran, Iran.

On November 29 the deputy CEO of the Chamber, Amir Alizadeh, opened the event by addressing the approximately 40 invited representatives of milling businesses, bakeries and scientific institutes, at which Dr. Yazdjerdi, President of the Iranian Milling Industry Association also spoke. Masi Darbandi from Brabender’s Iranian distributor, Pak-Fan, with which Brabender has partnered for 40 years, and Markus Löns, Head of Brabender’s Food Division, also addressed a few official words of welcome to the guests.

A subsequent presentation about the GlutoPeak, which was translated directly into Farsi, led to a lively discussion with plenty of questions being asked – these questions were to some extent very nuts-and-bolts ones, given that several users attended the event.

The GlutoPeak delivers a “rheological fingerprint” of any flour analyzed in just a few minutes. Using low sample quantities, the new Rapid Flour Check method enables accurate protein content, wet gluten, moisture absorption and water absorption coefficient correlations to be generated in less than five minutes.



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