Mulit purpose Stand-alone Extruder KE 19 - versatile and efficient

Intended use

Product development, inspection, quality control during production and small-scale production of hoses, tubes, films, and other profiles

Stand-alone Extruder KE 19

  • state-of-the-art fieldbus technology (CAN bus with CANopen record)
  • multi-master system
  • extremely flexible
  • self-identification and self-validation
  • real-time data communication
  • powerful software for control and evaluation for all actual Windows® versions


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In combination with the large program of screws and die heads, Brabender stand-alone extruders are perfectly suited for

  • The development of new products
  • Testing the processing behaviour for recipe development or incoming and final material inspection
  • Quality control during production in combination with measuring heads
  • Production of small tubes and profiles
  • Production of blown and flat films

Equipped with a grooved feed zone and a barrier screw and an appro priate drive power, throughputs comparable to high-performance extrusion can be achieved. A large program of downstream equipment is available to set up complete processing lines

The self-intelligence of temperature controllers, speed controller, and pressure sensors includes self-validation recognition of type, measuring range and admissible operating parameters) and automatic self-diagnostics. In combination with digital realtime data communication, this provides for utmost operational safety of the entire system.

The CAN bus system of the stand-alone extruders is a multi-master system with self-supporting modules like temperature controllers, pressure sensors, etc. Additional equipment for the extruder like dosing units, melt pumps, etc. as well as manifold downstream equipment incl. the corresponding control system can easily be integrated via the CAN bus into the extrusion line with CAN PC control. This makes the new series extremely flexible and open to expansion whenever needed.

The convincing features of the stand-alone extruder series are completed by a powerful control and evaluation software under Windows, saving of operation and evaluation data in a MS Access database, and convertibility of the data for commercial Office programs. A special data correlation program is available for further analysis of the test results. Apart from manual operation, these machine can optionally network with local data nets.

 Stand-alone extruder KE 191
Barrel diameter19 mm
Screw length10, 15, 20, 25 D
Drive1.5 kW
Speed2 - 150 min-1
Max. screw torque150 Nm
Max. operating temperature450 °C
Max. throughputapprox. 5 kgs/h

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