Univex flat film take-off unit

Intended use

Cool flat film take-off and wind up at high speed


  • Excellent film quality
  • High take off speed
  • Accurate temperature conditioning


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The Univex can take off, cool, and wind up flat films up to a max. film speed of 30 m/min.

The Univex can be controlled manually or through the PC (via CAN bus).

Liquid temperature conditioning of the nip rolls positively influences e.g. crystallization processes.

The flat film take-off is a compact, freely movable downstream unit allowing for both horizontal and vertical film take-off.

This, together with the installed heating/cooling facilities, makes the flat film take-off perfectly suited for a wide range of polymer melts.

The nip rolls have a speed advance to ensure tight film guidance. The torque-controlled winder is equipped with a traversing film guiding device for uniform and space-saving winding.

Unilateral support of rolls and guide rollers provides easy threading of the film. The significance of this line goes, however, clearly beyond the application as a simple take-off and winding unit. The special film guidance between the two pairs of rolls enables the use of a film test line, i.e. optical film purity inspection by means of an installed Film Quality Analyzer FQA. A glass door ensures dust-free operation.

The design of the flat film take-off enables the installation of further test instruments like hazemeter, NIR systems for density or additive determination, etc.

Like all new developments of Brabender®, the flat film take-off is equipped with CANopen fieldbus technology.

Nip rollsØ 100 mm, 200 mm long, connections for:
water mains/ thermostat (max. 175 °C)
Roll gap0...8 mm, adjustable via threaded rod
Line pressure10 N/cm, adjustable with springs
Drive1 driven nip roll, inverter drive motor, 0.37 kW, 2 - 30 m/min
Wind-up rollØ 84 mm, 212 mm long
Basesturdy steel cabinet, mobile, roll assembly adjustable in height
Dimensions (H * W * D)
Roll assembly

720 * 650 * 720 mm
550 * 860 * 570 mm
Mains230 V, 50...60 Hz, 1.3 kW
Flat film take-off 
Roll width180 mm
Int. roll heating thermostat, controlled
Ext. roll heatingair knife
Take-off speed0 - 42 m/min
Motor (take-off)inverter drive, 0.37 kW
Windercentral winder

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