Film blowing and take-off unit

Intended use

Simultaneous blowing up, cooling, taking off, and winding up extruded films

Film Blowing Unit

  • Realistic production simulation
  • Expandable with Film Quality Analyzer
  • Pressure control
  • CAN bus


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Simultaneously blows up, cools, takes off, and winds up extruded films

The bubble diameter and film thickness can be adjusted precisely. The film blowing and take-off unit can be controlled manually or through the PC (via CAN bus).

Depending on the material, common blowing ratios are 1 : 2 up to 1 : 4. These can be controlled automatically with an optional film width control.

In combination with the Film Quality Analyzer, the purity of the film can be checked continuously during take off.

An additional Film Quality Analyzer mounted into the film blowing tower enables simultaneous purity tests.

Nip rolls84 mm Ø, 230 mm long
Winderhard paper winding sleeve, 84 mm Ø
max. winding dia. 300 mm
Expander roll60 mm Ø, 280 mm long, herringbone profile
Driveinverter drive, 0.37 kW
take-off speed: 1...25 m/min
Supporting airmax. 5 bars compressed air input
pressure control through integrated pressure regulator
Cooling airlow pressure blower
approx. 130 mbars, 3 m3/min
Dimensions (H * W * D)2410 * 870 * 950 mm
Mains230 V, 50...60 Hz

Cheat sheet Blown film take-up system

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