Blown film take-off unit

Intended use

The blown film take-off unit is used in combination with an extruder and a film blowing die head for simultaneous inflation, cooling, flattening, take-off and winding of an extruded film tube.

Blown film take-off unit

  • Comprehensive setting parameters:
    Adaptable to different film dimensions and properties
  • User-friendly:
    Working height, winding torque and cooling air adjustable via touch screen
  • Scalable concept:
    Measure and control film width and analyze film quality with optional optional modules


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Efficient downstream processing of extruded film hoses

In blown film extrusion, you optimize your production conditions through the wide range of adjustment options of the blown film and take-off unit:

Adjust the tube diameter, flattened film width, film thickness and film diameter flexibly and reproducibly.

Check the so-called "frost limit" (the transition from the plastic to the solid state) by means of an adjustable annular gap of the film blowing head.

Support air and adjustable haul-off speed ensure optimum conditions for haul-off of the material.

A user-friendly touchscreen allows you to adjust the working height, winding torque and cooling air conveniently and precisely.

Extend optional functions and setting options as required.

  • General Information

    For which materials is the blown film take-off unit applicable?

    • Thermoplastics
    • Thermoplastic elastomers
    • Thermoplastic biopolymers
    • Polyolefins
    • Engineering plastics, e.g. polyamide

    Efficiency and control over all process stations

    The blown film and take-off unit supports you in the field of blown film extrusion at all process stations:

    • Goods receipt and recipe development:

      - when testing the processing characteristics
    • During production:

      - Process control of your products
      - Ensuring a stable production process and a constant product quality
    • Goods issue:

      - End product control
      - Ensuring compliance with specifications and the quality of the
        finished product

    How does the device work in conjunction with a Brabender laboratory extruder?

    The plastic polymer exits the extruder via a ring die. The material flows out in the shape of a bubble.

    The diameter of the formed bubble can be adjusted by the amount of inflation air supplied.

    Through the film width control the bubble is guided upwards.

    Subsequently, the material is flattened by collapsing frames and taken off by nip rolls.

    The film is guided over the pulley and the guide rollers to the winder, which produces the finished film rolls.

  • Technical Data
    Maximum height 3200 mm
    Number of Nip rolls 2
    Dimension of the Nip rolls84 mm Ø, 321 mm long
    Material of the Nip rollsDriven roller: steel
    Compression roller: Rubber
    WinderHard paper winding sleeve, 50 mm Ø * 300 mm long
    Dimensions (H * B * T)880 * 3200 * 978 mm
    Mains connection3 * 400 V, 50/60 Hz + N + PE, 16 A
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