MetaStation table drive: Versatile new generation torque rheometer

Intended use

The modular table drive of the new generation. Analyze polymers and ceramic compounds for their processing/plasticizing behavior, such as melting behavior, heat and shear stability, plasticizer absorption, etc..

Table drive MetaStation 4E

  • Maximum scalability: Large program of compatible measuring heads, measuring mixers and die heads
  • Modern project workflow: Location-independent live monitoring, multiple access, and method management
  • Cost-effective and flexible: Wide range of applications due to modular design
  • Time efficient and user friendly: Automated concept with elaborate functional range
  • Space saving: Fits to standard laboratory table


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Table drive MetaStation 4E: Compact, flexible, user-friendly

With the newly developed table drive MetaStation 4E you can digitize your laboratory processes.

The web-based laboratory management software MetaBridge is easy to operate via touchscreen. Increase the efficiency of your workflow with integrated functions such as access-controlled method selection, web-based support and data export via LAN. Access your laboratory projects simultaneously with multiple users, regardless of location and device. The efficient MetaBridge device software allows you to control several devices and expands your analysis options through data consolidation.

The modern torque rheometer combines compactness with maximum flexibility: the drive covers an outstandingly wide range of applications, precisely fitting for a laboratory table. The newly developed drive unit has a modular design: You can also connect larger mixers and extruders via a docking station.

Maximum scalability opens up the extensive range of compatible measuring heads, die heads and mixers.

The recently launched model with a drive power of 4.2 kW is more powerful than the Plastograph-EC table-top drive. When analyzing your materials, you have six temperature control zones and true torque measurement up to 200 NM.


  • General Information
    • • Speed, torque and temperature
    • • Properties and melt behaviour
    • • Fusion behaviour
    • • Heat and shear stability
    • • Plasticizer absorption of PVC-dry blends
    • and much more

    -  The measured values give an indication of the behaviour of the material
       during production and offer conclusions on its rheological properties.
    - Stored parameter sets can be used e.g. for recipe development further
       can be used.
    - The laboratory extrusion process is transferable to production.

    • Polymers
    • Ceramic materials
    • (Full) doughs and whipped masses
    • and much more

    Measuring mixers without docking station:

    • W 15 EHT
    • W 30 / W 30 EHT
    • W 50 / W 50 EHT
    • W 350 / W 350 E
    • MB 15
    • MB 30 / MB 30 EHT
    • MB 50 / MB 50 EHT
    • N50 / N 50 EHT
    • B 50 / B 50 EHT
    • S50
    • S 300 C
    • S 350 / S 350 E
    • P 600

    Measuring mixers with docking station:

    • B 350 S


    Extruder attachments without docking station:

    •    Extruder 19/10 D
    •    Extruder 19/10 DW
    •    Extruder 19/20 DW
    •    Extruder 19/25 D
    •    Extrusiograph 19/25 D
    •    Cascade system (19/10 DN + 19/20 DN)
    •    Pin extruder 19/20 D
    •    Grooved barrel extruder 19/20 DN

    Extruder attachments with docking station:

    •    Extruder 19/32 D
    •    Extrusiograph 19/32 D

    • Plastics industry
    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Rubber industry
    • Cosmetics industry
    • Cement industry
    • Food industry
    • and much more
    • Recipe development
    • Production of samples on a laboratory scale
    • Material testing
    • Quality control during production
    • Optimization of production processes
    • Viscosity measurement
    • Goods receipt inspection

    The MetaBridge can be used on any operating system or end device. You can monitor measurements simultaneously from any number of end devices. Similarly, any number of users can access the individual projects. You can easily record your measurement results, after which you have convenient evaluation, printing, and export options.

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    The MetaStation 4E desktop drive supports you at all process stations:

    • Goods receipt and recipe development:

      - when testing the processing behavior
    • During production:

      - Process control of your products
      - Ensuring a stable production process and a constant product quality
    • Goods issue:

      - End product control
      -Ensuring compliance with specifications and the quality of the
        finished product
    • Research and Development:

      - Formulation development
      - Material development
  • Technical Data
    Antriebsleistung:4,2 kW
    Messbereich:200 Nm
    Drehmomentabweichung:± 0,15 %
    Drehzahl0,2 bis 185 min-1
    Drehzahlabweichung:0,2 % durch digitale Rückführung
    Temperaturkontrolle:6 Zonen
    Netzanschluss3 x 400 V; 50/60 Hz + N + PE; 32 A
    3 x 200 V; 50/60 Hz + PE; 32 A,
    ohne Transformator
    Abmessungen (B x H x T)700 x 870 x 950 mm
    Gewicht154 kg
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