Juni 2020

Live Webinar - How to run a measuring mixer test correctly?

Rheology 4.0: By the means of PVC raw material characterization we will show the correct handling of the W 50 EHT measuring mixer attached to the new Brabender MetaStation 4E.

The analysis of the plasticizing behaviour according to ASTM D 2538 is one of the most crucial tests for the development of PVC formulations. The results provide information on the suitability of the formulation for the production process.

Brabender's measuring mixers in conjunction with a torque rheometer as drive unit allow realistic simulation on laboratory scale of all processes relevant for the production and processing of PVC and other plastic and plasticizable materials, such as mixing, kneading, mastication, etc.

How can I run a measuring mixer test reproducibly? How do I determine the optimum filling weight? How can I detect underfilling and overfilling of the mixer? Which advantages does the web-based MetaBridge software offer? How do I clean the mixer correctly?

Jane Schwarz (Business Development Manager Chemical) will answer these and other questions on the handling of the Brabender measuring mixer in a webinar on June 30 at 10 a.m. CET. Live from the Brabender Application Lab we will demonstrate various test scenarios with the new MetaStation 4E with attached W 50 EHT measuring mixer.

Suitable for the standard laboratory table, this configuration is particularly suitable for the production of PVC dry blends on a laboratory scale.

The web-based MetaBridge software ensures optimum usability via a touch screen and allows, among other things, the simultaneous and location-independent retrieval of measurement results from various desktop and mobile devices.

The webinar is free of charge and held in German. A similar presentation in English is available for download to registered participants. 

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