August 2019

"Our focus on your future"

- this is the motto under which Brabender GmbH & Co. KG and Brabender Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG will showcase their products and services at the K 2019.

The two Duisburg companies are setting the course for the future with their solutions for quality testing and development of sustainable plastic products and formulations.

As ideal partners of the worldwide plastics industry, Brabender GmbH & Co. KG and Brabender Messtechnik offer individual and modular solutions with different application-specific equipment. These include torque rheometers with measuring mixers or measur-ing extruders as well as devices for particular measuring tasks that are used worldwide in all areas of research, development and industrial production.

The use of Brabender laboratory equipment has significant advantages over trials on machines that are otherwise used in ongoing production, since only a fraction of the raw material quantity is used compared to tests on production plants.

Expert advice on quality control

How does the product behave during the process, at certain temperature, speed or pressure conditions? How does the product react with other materials? How can one check whether the raw material supplied meets the requirements? What is the best way to adapt the processing conditions of the raw material to different products and tasks?

Brabender and Brabender Messtechnik will be giving answers to these and other questions to interested visitors at booth A22 in hall 10 of Messe Düsseldorf. There, the two companies will present a selection of their diverse product range for testing the properties of a wide variety of materials used in the plastics and rubber industries, among others.

Running blown film line and new solutions for rheology and extrusion

The joint booth of the two Brabender companies will focus on a running laboratory film extrusion line consisting of the Stand-Alone Extruder KE 19 and a blown film take-off unit as a downstream unit in a new, user-friendly design. Various types of polymers are thus processed into films during the exhibition.

Also new in Brabender's product portfolio is the MetaStation. The torque rheometer as a drive unit for various measuring mixer and extruder attachments can be seen for the first time at a K show. The Measuring Mixer 50 and a further development of the Measuring Mixer 350 S, specially designed for rubber applications, will also be on display at the booth.

Brabender will also be presenting the TwinLab-C 20/40 for the first time - a stand-alone twin-screw extruder with a modular design that can be used for a wide variety of applications. Both solutions are equipped with the web-based MetaBridge software. This ensures optimum ease of operation via a touch screen and enables, among other things, the simultaneous retrieval of measurement results via various desktop and mobile devices, regardless of location.

Specific measurement tasks: Determining residual moisture

The water content is an important parameter for the quality of the manufactured product in the processing of high-quality engineering plastics. For the residual moisture analysis of plastics, Brabender Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG therefore offers the AQUATRAC station, which can determine the water content very precisely with a capacitive water-selective dew point sensor. The precise water content of a sample can thus be determined with the AQUATRAC station without chemicals or consumables. In addition, the proven AQUATRAC with new features will also be available at the booth. Since April 2019, the measuring method of the AQUATRAC-3E is described as method E - Determination of water content by the calcium hydride method, in ISO 15512:2019 "Plastics - Determination of water content". This means that anyone can now determine the water content in the usual way in accordance with the standard.

Highest quality in technology and service

Together, the two Brabender companies stand for high-performance and future-oriented technology that meets the highest quality standards - unique, compact and state-of-the-art. Brabender's comprehensive customer service rounds off the product range. The Brabender 5-Star Service strives for long-term customer satisfaction and guarantees the full performance of equipment and software over the entire product life cycle.

Brabender and Brabender Messtechnik are looking forward to numerous interested K-fair visitors at booth A22 in hall 10.



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