Pearlescent pigments and further: Efficient characterization and optimization method

Characterize & optimize powdery cosmetic raw materials

Analyze cosmetic raw and starting materials with the Brabender Absorptometer "C".
Using the oil absorption method (OAN), the table-top instrument provides reproducible and precise results.

Quality assurance in the cosmetics industry: Current hurdles  

Oil Absorption Number (OAN) analysis is used in the cosmetics industry as a common method for quality control of raw materials.

Basic materials of cosmetic products are e.g. pearlescent pigments as well as organic and inorganic dyes.

The test procedure is often carried out manually. The evaluation of the results is supported by the experience of the laboratory technician performing the test.

Known sources of error in quality testing include texture gaps caused by shading extensions. In addition, there are deviations in the quality of delivered raw material batches.

In a nutshell, there is currently a considerable number of factors that complicate the stability of the production conditions for cosmetic products.

QA workflows: Automated and optimized

The Brabender Absorptometer delivers precise and reproducible results based on the OAN method.

Within the scope of a study, various raw materials from the field of cosmetic products were analyzed with the Absorptometer. The results of the test series proved that the analytical instrument offers future-oriented perspectives in the cosmetics industry sector with a stable QA workflow. When used for quality assurance in incoming goods, a constant quality level can thus be guaranteed.

In addition, the Absorptometer process offers additional high potential in the area of material development: the depth of detail of the analysis process thus enables a significantly increased potential for optimizing material properties.


Quality control for cosmetic base materials, such as pearlescent pigments, organic and inorganic dyes

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Study: Quality Control of Cosmetic Raw Materials with the Absorptometer "C