Brabender offers students of different faculties exciting topics with practical orientation and the possibility of practical research for their bachelor or master thesis.

How to find a practical research project for your bachelor or master thesis

Practical research: Find the right topich for your bachelor or master thesis at Brabender.

Practical projects for your bachelor or master thesis

You have almost finished your studies and are looking for an interesting topic for your thesis? But you do not want to work only with textbooks? Brabender offers you the possibility to realise your own ideas and at the same time gain some practical experiences in a company. So you set the course for your professional future.


Scientific work with a practical orientation

Brabender is a leading manufacturer which develops, produces and sells devices and equipment for the examination of the quality and physical properties of materials. Brabender's products and services are not only used by the chemical and food processing industry worldwide, but the company is also a partner of numerous universities and research institutions.

Therefore, our devices are part of many scientific projects and publications. Students of different faculties are often involved in the development and marketing of these devices as well as in the use of them during practical research. This involvement can consist of an employment as a working student, an end of term work, a bachelor or a master thesis. Brabender offers projects mainly to students of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or software design. But we also have projects for students in the area of food processing, plastics engineering and marketing or distribution.

This is what you can expect

  • An exciting project with a high scientific standard and at the same time high practical orientation.
  • Extensive competent supervision and help in a comfortable and professional working environment. 

Your Chances

  • Work with a leading manufacturer for the food processing and plastics processing.
  • Benefit from our decades of experience in measuring techniques.
  • Be directly involved in industrial research and development projects.
  • Take opportunity to try conceptual approaches in practice.
  • Introduce your innovative ideas to future technologies.
  • Learn the structural co-operation in an interdisciplinary team.
  • Use professional management and development software. 

Your profile

According to the announced topic you have superior course achievements in engineering, food processing, plastics processing, natural sciences, economics, information technology or industrial engineering.

You should meet the following requirements:

  • Enrollment during the completion time for your thesis.
  • Knowledge in technical mechanics and electrical engineering.
  • First practical working experiences, for example, during an occupational internship, an employment as a working student or a professional training finished before the start of your studies.
  • Good knowledge of the most popular office tools.
  • Ability to work analytical, structured, independent and self dependent.
  • Being a Team player with flexibility and readiness of mind.
  • High motivation and engagement, love of developing and testing is your daily contribution to our team.
  • Attaintment of a high level of reading and speaking proficiency in German.

    Current offers

    • Implementation of a motor controller on the basis of a PSOC MCU.
    • Development of a form recognition system for the film extrusion.
    • Conceptual design and validation of new correlation and filter methods for specific measuring tasks.
    • Construction of an automatic test equipment for the validation of assembly groups.
    • Examination and testing of wireless-CAN components.
    • Creation of animated 3D graphics with data from Autodesk Inventor for product videos, presenations and documentations.

    Have we found your interest? Please contact us!

    We are looking forward to getting your application documents.

    Please send us:

    • A covering letter or motivation letter
    • Your CV
    • An overview of your course achievements

    Further important information

    Supervision of your thesis:
    We recommend that you choose a supervising professor of your university at an early stage. This facilitates the communication and the topic of your thesis can be decided on fast. After all, your professor has to approve the topic, that you want to work on. At Brabenders you get a special mentor for the time of your thesis work. Furthermore, other colleagues will actively and competently help and supervise you.

    Duration of the thesis:
    Depending on whether you write a bachelor or master thesis and on the complexity of the topic, the duration will be normally 4 to 6 months. In accordance with your study conditions we will make a mutual decision on the duration and the start time of your thesis.

    Lock flag:
    For bachelor and master theses written in co-operation with Brabender, we normally stipulate a non-disclosure contract. Please get the approval of your university in advance. 

    Have you got further questions?

    Please feel free to contact us!